January Epic Service Award Winners!

Please join us in congratulating the following employees for receiving an Epic Service Award!

Taylor Behnke & Stephen Eberhart

On Tuesday January 19th, a particularly challenging mess was made in a bathroom by an unwell guest. The Bowl Patrol team that was scheduled that day was called onto the scene as soon as possible for cleanup. Upon arrival they were polite and professional regarding the work at hand. They are being recognized for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Martin Velazco

At the ice rink Martin was witnessed in a very difficult interaction with a guest. The guest essentially accused Martin of being dishonest about the wait times for skating and asked him to step outside and discuss it. The employee handled the really awkward situation incredibly well.  He was able to calm the guest down, explain his actions politely and reasonably and, in the end, completely diffuse what could have been terrible scene in front of a large crowd at the ice rink. The guest went away satisfied.

Gary Vasseur

With this seasons COVID protocols impacting many areas of the SSS operations and the digital Epic Mix Academy progress card being put on hold while the app is being overhauled, Gary was looking for opportunities to add value to our guests’ experience. Gary took it upon himself to create a fillable PDF version of the EMA report card and was sending that to his guests nightly via email. He was getting such great feedback from guests Gary wanted to share with other instructors. We posted on our Facebook page so other pros could download. This was well received which fueled Gary to again go above and beyond in creating a fillable version of the Snowboard progress card even though he is an alpine instructor. We again shared with the instructor staff so they could also elevate their guest experience. This is a great example of elevating the guest experience and being a team player so others could do the same.

Taylor Paxson

Taylor took the lead on learning and implementing TOCK, a capacity management tool, into the Beaver Creek Club allowing us to open up our internal staircase so members don't have to go outside to use the stairs. He completely owned the learning process of it and has been training other employees.

Jacqueline Camp

Jacki has gone way above and beyond expectations to provide internal guest service for an employee that was struggling to receive their pay for personal reasons. For the past month Jacki has supported this employee to make certain they were paid.

Fallon Santander

A guest walked into Beaver Creek Sports, store 751, Tuesday night lost, crying and looking for help. I tried to help, but she could not speak English. I then went to get Fallon who speaks Spanish. Fallon soon discovered that she had been abandoned by her friends, who had drove off to catch a dinner reservation and told her to call a taxi. However, the guest was just visiting from Colombia and did not have phone service. After speaking with Fallon, she decided that the best thing for her to do was to return to the condo where she was staying. So Fallon quickly called a taxi. Fallon also helped the guest to the pick-up point and waited until she was in the taxi and off to the correct place.

Louise Funk

Louise has been helping an 86 year old woman navigate the reservation system.  Somehow she connected with Louise and she calls for assistance from Louise when making her reservations from her home computer.  Louise walks her through the process each time.  This is nothing unusual for Louise as she is great at walking confused guests through the process and has worked with many guests.

Cathy Bigley

A guest at the lift ticket office, would have given up on setting up an online account if it wasn’t for a staff member. "She was very helpful; you definitely need more like her. Websites and new COVID rules on reservations were very vague to me before you travel, but the lift ticket employees were very helpful in person which made our trip a lot easier. Probably would have not snowboarded from online frustration but your employee made it possible. Thank you and we hope to see you again!"

Charlene Van Hull

A guest was very unhappy with the Epic Pass reservation and customer service experience. However, claimed the Beaver Creek staff and experience made up for the very poor Epic Pass experience. "I am returning to Beaver Creek in a couple weeks and that is because of Char who was working at the lift ticket office and was exceptional."

Thank you all for your Epic Service!